16th - 20th JUNE Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat all shows start 8pm

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Running Times – 8pm show start, 9pm interval, 9.20pm show resumes. Please note a lock out applies, late comers will be admitted at first break 30 minutes in. Times are subject to change.


The Australian public’s appetite for true crime is voracious and this original production transports four renowned Australian crime stories into the medium of theatre.

Four writers have dramatised four Australian true crime cases and created four 30 minute plays which will be produced on stage at The Fusebox Theatre @ The Factory by our cast of 21 actors over four weeks from Wednesday May 27th to Saturday June 20th 2009

THE PROGRAM: Produced by Stephen Carnell & Nick Bolton Production Designers: Inneke Smit & Roger Wong; Lighting Designer: Larry Kelly; Costume Designer: Claire Moloney; Sound Designer: Kathryn Rees; Stage Manager: Melinda Frank


Willagee, Perth: An innocent young couple move into their new home to discover they’re living at the scene of horrific past crimes. Inspired by David & Catherine Birnie’s murder spree in Perth in 1986. Written by Iain Triffitt and Brett Danalake, Directed by John Derum Starring: Donna Brooks, Jonathon Lane, Andy Leonard, Jess Norman & Jessica Saras 1986 and the present. Can a house ever be cleansed of the aura of terrible events that have occurred there? Does a building remain haunted by the intent of the perpetrators as much as the terror of the victims? When new tenants move into a house that has been the scene of terrible violence, is it only curiosity that leads to fascination that leads to obsession? Or does the fabric of the building and the very atmosphere within retain the power of the deeds they bore witness to? Can a Crime Scene ever be free from its terrible memories?”


Coburg, Melbourne: The story behind what many claim to be the unjustified execution of Ronald Ryan at HM Prison Pentridge in 1967. Written by Gerry Greenland, Directed by Alex Byron, Starring: Vanessa Coffey, Scott Grimley, Lynden Jones, Leof Kingsford-Smith, and Brendan Miles. 1965: A gaol break! Alarm! Pandemonium! A prison guard is killed. The Victorian State Premier wants blood. Ronald Ryan is about to be convicted of the murder. A prison guard, Helmut Lange, might have evidence to prove the man is innocent, but producing it will jeopardise his future and those of his fellow officers. Helmut needs courage to do what is right, but childhood memories torture him as he wrestles with the conflict between self-preservation, and loyalty, and courage. Misplaced ideals always exact a price. This is Helmut’s story, based on the true case of Ronald Ryan and his execution in 1967 – the last man hanged in Australia.


Kings Cross 1975: Publisher Juanita Neilsen disappears. What happened on that cold day in 1975? A story inspired by the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen in Kings Cross in July 1975.

Written by Stephen Carnell, Directed by Deborah Jones, Starring, Mark Dessaix, Sophie Haylen, Brett Heath, Amanda Stephens Lee, Brian Mott, Shane Pascoe & David Villanti 1975: Juanita Nielsen, a leading figure in demonstrating against property development in Victoria Street, Kings Cross, disappeared on the morning of Friday 4th July, believed murdered despite her body never being found. Eddie Trigg and Shayne Martin-Simmonds were convicted of conspiracy to abduct. Ex-Detective Fred Krahe may have been contracted to murder Juanita by Abe Saffron, AKA Mr Sin, on behalf of developer Frank Theeman. Club receptionist Loretta Crawford stated that she saw Juanita’s body, with a gunshot wound to the temple, lying in the basement of the Carousel Cabaret with her killer standing over her. What happened during the 24 hours leading up to Juanita’s disappearance and probable murder?


Melbourne: Two men, one escaping violence and the other seeking it, collide with fatal consequences. Two stories arising from the shooting massacre perpetrated by Hell’s Angels bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson in Melbourne’s CBD in 2007. Written by Carly Nugent, Directed by Sam Atwell, Starring Nick Bolton, Catherine Hollyman, Toby Levins, & Greg Hatton 2007: Three people were shot in Melbourne’s CBD, one of them fatally. This incident occurred at 8:15am on a weekday morning in June and was the result of a collision of two worlds. The worlds of a daylight, coffee-addicted businessman and that of a denizen of the city’s more violent underbelly. ‘Shots’ introduces characters from both of these worlds. Michael is a businessman numbed by routine and longing for digressions. He dreams of violence – reciting mass murder statistics to his wife and hearing the pipes screaming as he washes the dishes. Wayne has just killed three people. He is trying to escape violence, while Michael is seeking it. Their eventual meeting has the potential to change many lives.

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